Tampa Junk Removal

For the fastest Tampa Junk Removal Service at the best price, call AMA today.  We offer home services including junk removal in Tampa bay FL. 

We are your go to to for furniture removal, appliance removal, and dumpster rentals.  

So even if you need one appliance removed, or need an entire truck load of junk removed- we can handle it.

We remove rooms of junk on repossessed properties, hoarders, and abandoned properties.


Junk Removal in Tampa FL

How Much Does it Cost to Remove Junk in Tampa Bay FL?

Most companies including AMA have minimums for hauling away junk- because of fixed costs like truck repairs, labor, and fuel.  So on the low end, a single job is going to cost between $100 and $125 for a single appliance.  A full truck load on a fifteen yard truck can cost around $500.  Call today for your specific quote on your junk removal needs.  

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